Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Barfday To Me!

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday was on 12/12/12. That's what they usually call a Golden Birthday, but I had my first Golden Birthday when I turned 12 on 12/12. So I like to think of this one as my Platinum Birthday.

On either one of my two Golden Birthdays, everything I did was Golden with a capital G. When I ate breakfast it was a Golden Breakfast! When I kissed Betty goodbye when I left for work it was a Golden Kiss. When I took a shower it was a Golden Shower.

Uh... let's scratch that last one, shall we?

Also, 12/12/12 was not so much of a birthday as it was a barfday. That's because my family was sick over the weekend and up through my birthday.

It started with my daughter, Annie. She got sick Saturday night and was sick for most of Sunday morning. She started feeling better around noon, just in time for my son Peter to start puking every fifteen minutes starting at 3 pm. The poor little dude... everything he ate or drank came immediately back up. It was tough watching him wretch into a bowl.

I went to work on Monday, but came back feeling like I was going to hurl and/or blow an O-ring. As it turned out, I did both... at the same time. I was running in and out of the bathroom while carrying our trash can, and at one point had both ends spewing like a fire hose at the same time. It was pretty miserable - but good blog material!

Betty's been pretty healthy so far. I mean, she's been sick and has been achy, but I think has been the best off out of all of us. Which only means that it's a just a matter of time before she gets us all sick again.

The circle of life!

So two days before my birthday, I was barfing. The day before my birthday, I was keeping Charmin in business. The day of my birthday, I went back to work and hopefully infected everyone there.

If I can't have a nice healthy birthday, then everyone else should suffer, too!

Betty wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but since we all have a stomach bug, we settled on toast with a candle in it. It was pretty delicious, actually. After dinner we ate cake without icing, which my son threw up later that night. Watching him throw up made me want to throw up, and so...

It was a very Happy Barfday to me!

Thanks for everyone's birthday messages over email, text, Facebook, snail mail and phone. It really meant a lot to me. It meant so much to me that I'm thinking of doing what I did last year, which was to change my birthday on Facebook to be the current day every day for at least a month. It's amazing how many people forget that they just told you Happy Birthday the day before!

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