Monday, January 07, 2013

Goodnight, 2012. Hello, 2013!

I wanted to write a Goodnight 2012 poem before I realized how many Goodnight books there are out there. So instead, I'd like to write a Goodnight book to all the Goodnight books. I call it:

Goodnight Goodnight Books.

Goodnight Goodnight Books.
Like Goodnight Moon,
Goodnight Acadiana,
Goodnight Baton Rouge,
Goodnight Houston,
Goodnight LSU,
Goodnight Tigers,
And Goodnight IPad, too.
Goodnight, Goodnight NOLA
Goodnight, Goodnight Nebraska
Goodnight, Goodnight Dragons
But hey, I have to ask ya...
We always say goodnight to the great things we've seen.
Like Goodnight 2012... but have you said Hello 2013?!

For the record, we own most of those Goodnight books and we love them all. Betty and I even thought of making a Goodnight Prairieville book for the kids since we're moving back into Baton Rouge this month, and we could have the kids take pictures in front of all their favorite places in Prairieville. We could go to the spray park, the library, the LeBlanc's on the corner of 42 and 929 (we love it), Frank's, the Book Rack... we could even take a picture at the house down the street that puts up inflatables for Christmas. And of course we'd take a picture in front of our house.

2012 was a fun year, but we're looking forward to 2013. I hope everyone has a great year!

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