Sunday, February 03, 2013

Goodbye, Prairieville!

Goodbye, Prairieville! Thank you for 8.5 great years!

We've been in our new house in Baton Rouge for two weeks now, and we love it. But we're going to miss Prairieville.

I still remember walking into our house in Prairieville for the first time. It was during a showing. Betty and I had first searched for homes in Baton Rouge, then started looking in Prairieville as a safety net. We fell in love with the house the instant we walked in. We knew that was our home! And when I drove there the first night we owned the place, I remember just standing in the kitchen with the door open at my back, staring into the empty living room, amazed and proud that we now owned the place. It was an incredible feeling.

I'll miss more than just our house, though. I'll miss the spray park on the corner of 42 and 73. Annie called it "her park" one day, so it'll always be Annie's Park to us.

I'll miss the LeBlanc's on the corner of 42 and 929. We had a lot of good times together, LeBlanc's. I even didn't mind that you showed up on my bank statements as Payless. Your staff is friendly, courteous and helpful, and you were always there for me when Abita Strawberry was in season. I won't forget you.

To Frank's in Prairieville... you haven't seen the last of us. We're going to beat your claw game one of these days, damned if I won't put $100 into that thing one day to do it. Your food is too good (It's All Good, right?) for us to not drive out there. Plus I want to buy some Mayhaw jelly there. Why didn't I buy it the last time we were there?!? Maybe it was so that I could go back for it.

I would say, "I won't miss the drive to work!" but that's not true. Every morning the kids and I would listen to an entire CD on the way to school. Whether it was The Princess and the Frog, Veggie Tales or Neon Trees, the kids rocked out to it. I loved singing and rocking out with them. But now that I live 2.5 miles from work, we have time for one or maybe two songs.

Did I say 2.5 miles?! Yes, we're that much closer in. If I just drove to and from work, I would only have to fill up my car with gas 4 times a year. Bringing the kids to school only adds 3 more trips to the gas station for me. This is my way of giving the finger to my siblings, who both work in the oil and gas industry.

Our new house has some things that our old house didn't, such as a garage door. You'd think that the garage door was our kids' favorite toy over the way they fight over who gets to push the button to open or close it whenever we go anywhere! We also have a screened-in porch in the back. It's the perfect place to put my outside TV, which Betty promised me (over the course of 8 years) that I could have "at my next house." That time is now, baby!

I'll post more about our house, the move, and what we loved (and hated) about our house over the course of the next few weeks. And of course I'll post some pictures, right after we finish unloading those remaining 872 boxes.

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