Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Easter Bedtime Story

I've been telling my kids bedtime stories lately. Normally they're fine with me reading a story or just reciting one from memory, but no more. They now demand exciting new tales featuring all kinds of different characters doing daring deeds, and they want to be in the mix as well.

When I asked Annie what story she wanted tonight, she grabbed her Peter Pan and Tinkerbell dolls. And when I asked my son Peter what story he wanted tonight, he grabbed his Easter Mickey and Spiderman dolls, as well as his lightsaber toy... and said he wanted Captain Hook in the mix as well.

My kids are imaginative. And they sleep with way too many toys.

Anyway, I liked the story so much that I wanted to make sure to write it down so that I can expand on it in the future.

The Search for the Missing Easter Eggs

One Easter Sunday, Easter Mickey was hopping along the woods in Neverland, hiding Easter eggs. He couldn't wait for all the Lost Boys, mermaids, Indians and fairies to try to find them. "Hot dog!" he exclaimed, as he hid an Easter egg in a hole in a tree trunk. "This is going to be fun!"

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell had flown to Annie and Peter's house, sprinkled them with pixie dust and flew them to Neverland for the Easter egg hunt. It was going to be epic! Peter told them that whoever found the Golden Egg would win a special treasure.

But when they arrived at the start of the Easter egg hunt, everyone was sad. "Why so gloomy?" Peter Pan asked. But nobody would look him in the eye. A few Lost Boys hung their heads, moved slightly out of the way so Peter Pan could see the field in front of them, and waved their hands towards the field as if to say, "See for yourself."

The Easter Eggs were gone!

"My eggs!" Easter Mickey cried. "My beautiful eggs! Where could they have gone?"

Just then they heard a cackling from afar. Captain Hook was sailing the Jolly Roger in Mermaid Lagoon, and in the back of the Jolly Roger could be seen a giant pile of Easter eggs! "Looking for something? I've got your treeeaaasuuuure!" he taunted.

"That mean ol' pirate!" Peter Pan yelled. "I'll show him!" And off he flew towards Captain Hook, but several cannonballs kept him at bay. "I can't get to him... he's got those eggs covered tight! We need to call for backup!" He played a few notes on his pipe, and then the bushes shook, the ground rumbled, and out came...


Spiderman slung his webs into the trees to launch him high up in the air. Then, in midair, he shot both arms' webs out until they attached to the crow's nest of the Jolly Roger. Spiderman seemed to ski on Mermaid Lagoon as he dipped closer to the ship, until he shot up like a cannon and kicked Captain Hook clean off the deck.

Mr. Smee went to help Captain Hook as the other pirates descended onto Spiderman. Spiderman used his spider-sense to miss getting chopped to bits by the big, mean pirates, and used his web-slinging ability to launch himself at the Easter eggs. When he had trapped all the pirates in a big web and secured the big pile of eggs using his spider silk, he swung back towards where Mr. Smee was pulling Captain Hook up by a rope.

That's when Spiderman took out his lightsaber. With one deft stroke, he chopped the rope in half, and down went Captain Hook into the water again - this time with the crocodile waiting for him. Tick, tock, tick, tock!

With the pirates tied up, Peter Pan and the fairies had no trouble getting to the Jolly Roger. Peter steered the ship back to shore, and Spiderman handed Easter Mickey all the eggs. Easter Mickey hid the eggs again, and Annie and Peter found the Golden Egg at the same time, and so had to share the treasure. They opened it at the same time to reveal bright, golden pixie dust, and used it to fly all around Neverland before it was time to go back home and go to bed.

Back at their home, Annie and Peter snuggled into their beds and curled up next to their toys - Annie with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and Peter with Easter Mickey and Spiderman. And of course, Peter also had his lightsaber handy, in case Captain Hook decided to come around and see what happened to all those Easter Eggs.

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