Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Butterfly Rampage

A month or so ago my mother-in-law got the kids some caterpillars. We put them in a terrarium, and we watched as they formed chrysalises and then emerged as butterflies. After we watched them flap around their terrarium for a few days, we decided it was time to let them out.

Ah, to be a kid. You see, this was a fun moment for me, but this was a SPECTACULAR moment for my kids. I wish that I could be this excited about things nowadays!

Here are the kids before we released the butterflies. They're intrigued, curious, pensive. I call this one, "Your move, butterflies."

[Awaiting the butterflies]

The butterflies didn't immediately fly out, so my kids bent down to take a closer look. "Come closer... closer...."

[Come closer....]

And then... whoa boy! A butterfly flew out! Chaos! And dancing!

[Chaos and/or dancing]

Seriously, tell me that I won the lottery and I might do an Irish jig, but I still wouldn't be as excited as these two little munchkins! It's pure joy!

[Happy happy joy joy!]

Watch out! Another butterfly flew out and zoomed right past the kids!

[Butterfly attack!]

There goes another! I am never this excited about anything anymore! Why am I so jaded?!?


Whew, that was close! Once the butterflies settled down and stopped rampaging around our yard, one sat still for a portrait. I call this one, "Butterfly in repose."

[Come closer....]

Wow, I'm tired just looking at those pictures.

I love getting to share these moments with my kids. Being a kid is awesome. But being a dad is pretty awesome, too... especially when you have fun kids.

Thanks for the butterflies, Grammy! We all really enjoyed them!

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