Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dance Dance Revolution

Annie had her dance recital this past weekend, and she did fantastic!

[Picture: Annie's ballet outfit]

She was in two numbers - tap and ballet. As an unbiased observer with many years' experience of viewing dance recitals under my belt, I can tell you that she outshone everyone else on stage - including me!

Yes, I was on the stage with her. Betty signed us up for the Daddy / Daughter Dance. Look how awesome we look.

[Picture: Annie and Daddy rocking it on stage]

Our song was "Soul Man" by the Blues Brothers. I had some pretty simple steps - stepping from side to side, tapping my feet, and walking forwards and backwards. I realized while learning these steps that my brain isn't as elastic as it once was, because it took me 4 practices to master my moves. Also, I realized that I'm no spring chicken anymore, considering that I sweated profusely during every practice.

But during our performance, the key thing was really just not to trip and fall over Annie. There was one part where I had to run in a circle around her, and I was wearing really dark sunglasses and couldn't see anything in front of me. I just didn't want to be "that dad" that tripped on his kid and fell into the orchestra pit. I knew if I could stay on my feet then everything would be OK.

Luckily for me, Annie was brilliant on stage and hopefully everyone was watching her and not me. I could see her from the corner of my eye and she nailed every move. As expected!

Annie and the other girls came out first and danced to one verse, and then us dads came out for the second verse. When it was my turn to run out on stage, I had butterflies for a few brief seconds. Then I remembered that Annie was already out there rocking it onstage. Seeing her being brave made me be brave.

For the last part of the dance, we all walked up to the front of the stage, the dads bent down on one knee and put our daughters up on the other knee. I gave Annie a big squeeze while I was up there - I couldn't help myself. I'm so proud of her, and I'm also so thankful that she let me dance with her onstage.

[Picture: Soul Man!]

Thank you to Annie for letting Daddy dance with you, and thanks to Betty for signing us up for the Daddy / Daughter Dance. And thanks to the great people at Jete' Dance Studio for making sure that we were dancing well away from the orchestra pit - you know, just in case.

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