Friday, June 14, 2013

LSU Baseball Avatars

I love cheering on the LSU baseball team. The team is great, the fans are wonderful, the stadium is beautiful, and of course our team is a perennial competitor for the College World Series (CWS) championship.

Speaking of which, the CWS is coming up this weekend. I've watched the team all year, and I can't stop making certain connections in my head with the names of the players. I'd like to share that with you now, since baseball will be over in two weeks.

No. LSU Player What I think of Link to Stats
2 Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore Stats
4 Raph Rhymes Wraith Rhymes (a beat-boxing ghoul) Stats
5 Chris Sciambra Chris Sombrero Stats
8 Mason Katz Dr. Katz Stats
10 Aaron Nola Aaron New Orleans Louisiana Stats
17 Jared Foster Foster, Australian for Beer Stats
23 JaCoby Jones Jacoby Jones (football player) Stats
29 Nate Fury Nick Fury Stats
36 Will LaMarche Will "The" Marche Stats
38 Nick Rumbelow Nick Rumble Low; Nick Low Rumble; Nick Boom Stats
49 Brent Bonvillain Brent Good Villain Stats
58 Chris Cotton Mullet of Doom; Kenny Powers Stats

These aren't necessarily meant to be funny... they're just what I think of. Sorry to Alex Bregman, Joe Broussard, Ty Ross, Alex Edward, and all of the other wonderful LSU baseball players with bland, uninteresting names - but don't worry, I will still cheer you on Sunday at 7, but just reference you by your real names.

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