Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

I would like to wish my very beautiful and amazing wife Betty a very happy anniversary! Thank you for loving me all these years!

Betty, I love for so many reasons. Some are big - like, you are beautiful, you're nice, and you make me feel good about myself. You've given me two incredible children and you are the greatest mom ever!

But there are a lot of other, some would say smaller, reasons why I love you. And I thought the whole world should know.

Betty, I love you because...

You have a great sense of direction. You are my personal GPS. It's not an exaggeration to say that I would be lost without you.

We're lost

You love to travel, and I love going with you! And if you weren't such a good personal GPS, I would be lost in some other city still trying to get home. Not only do you love to travel, but you are good at it - you make sure that we get to do everything we could possibly want to do, on time, under budget, rain or shine.

Little Italy

Is it a coincidence that you were born on Mardi Gras day, and that my favorite holiday is Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday

One of the reasons why I love Mardi Gras so much is that I get to dress up. And I know that I'll always have someone to dress up with!

Daisy Duck!

Our love is so epic that Jay Melder wrote about us in his "Off the Cuff" column in the Reveille - twice.


I couldn't have asked for a better family to be married into. Your family is fantastic. And they're always very "hands on."


You make a sexy zip-liner!

Ziplining in Hotlanta!

You've always faith that I would one day master power tools. It only took 33 years.

Drilling machine

You are super smart. Much smarter than I am! When we teamed up for Cajun Code Fest, we destroyed the competition and even got to meet the CTO of the US Government. The following year, without you by my side, we placed a paltry 4th out of 20.

With Todd Park

For our wedding you gave me a video game controller as a gift. It wasn't just a gift of a controller. It was your way of saying that you understood that I loved video games and that you accepted that part of me. And that's why this picture of me dressed up as Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch Out is so special - because you put up with this crap from me all the time. I don't know how you do it. Thank you!

You made this happen

Actually, to be honest I don't know why you put up with me at all. You've got it all - good looks, great personality, can bake like nobody's business... and all I've got is enormous genitalia. It doesn't make any sense.

Thank you for nine fun and exciting years of marriage, for dating me for 4 years prior to that, and for not killing me for any of those thirteen years. I love you!

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