Sunday, May 03, 2015

Planting Seeds of Love

Betty was recently spotlighted in an article called Planting the Seeds of Love about the merits of being a stay-at-home mom, published in the Catholic Commentator, a newspaper and website regarding the Diocese of Baton Rouge.  And if I can say so myself, they couldn't have picked a better mom to be in the article.

Before we had children, Betty and I discussed how we hoped to be able to parent our children and whether or not she would stay home with the kids. She wanted my input, but I wanted her to do what made her happy.  My preference was for her to stay home with the kids, but ultimately it was her choice.

I was also happy to stay home with the kids, however, I would never have done as well as Betty has. Whenever Betty's away and I have the kids for a few hours, I'm lucky if I can get the kids to eat a meal or two and not destroy the house.  The kids run all over me.  The only thing I'm good for is beating Bowser on the Mario games.  I can also make a mean sippy cup of milk.

But Betty was a kindergarten teacher, and she's put her skills to work at our house.  I'm always amazed at what the kids learn from her while I am away at work.  She has them learning new skills, gaining confidence, and doing tasks that help them become more responsible.  The article says that a stay-at-home mom's estimated salary would be $119,000 if they were paid for what they actually do, but I think that's way too low.  I think she's like the Bill Gates of Moms.

Plus, Betty has always said that I'm just like another kid.  And I'm sure that I'm the kid who is the most work.  So really it's like she's a single parent all the time, even when I'm home.

Add that to her estimated salary.

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